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The six stages of falling in love with her. // by rb  (via splitterherzen)

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You see her for the first time and she’ll walk right past you like you are a crack in the wall and she is a skyscraper with her head so high in the air and when you can’t sleep you’ll think about the way her eyes strayed into yours for a moment too long before breaking away and disappearing into the crowd of people.

She’ll look both ways before telling you she loves you under her breath and when she hugs you her eyes scan the empty room as if the walls had eyes and ears and mouths that could give you away.

When she’s curled up on your lap shaking with mismatched breaths you’ll wonder how someone who looked like she carried mountains on her shoulders could crumble so easily in your arms like the tornado in her mind finally hit her and knocked her off her feet.

In half-light she’ll run her fingers over your arms like she is reading words carved into your skin, binding them together into the perfect metaphor and you’ll hear it playback in your head at 4am when your head runs wild with thoughts of her.

You’ll find a safe haven on rooftops and abandoned rooms where she’ll set fire to your insides with hushed breaths between kisses planted perfectly on your lips and make you wonder how dangerous it is to play with wild flames while your body is made of paper.

You’ll stare God right in the eye and tell him that if loving her was a sin then you want no place in heaven with him because the way her lips fit perfectly on your neck is a type of paradise you’ll never forget.


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M.O.W, It was a pleasure to fall in love  (via imwritingpoems)

"I heard about love my entire life,
it sounded like the most
beautiful thing ever.
But I thought it was
absolutely ludicrous
what people would do for love.
I never understood it
until I fell into it.
I really did not expect it to be
like this,
I did not expect love to
be this.
Spending nights awake crying
until I did not feel like crying anymore.
And hurting like,
hurting like something inside of me
had been broken.
And yearning for someone
like I have never yearned for
anything before.
If this is love,
this painful feeling that
distorts you and leaves you
not to die, but to feel like dying.
If this is what love is,
I believe that it is still worth it.
Because I have never been happier
than when I was in love,
and I have never fallen apart
this badly before.
And it was a pleasure, really.
It was a pleasure to have my
insides feel like
they have been ruptured,
and then see you and feel
like I had the entire universe
right in front of me."


then you remember some wack shit and be sad as hell

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